Sunday, February 07, 2010

Phil Alain- Kunamokst Mural Mosaic Road to the Olympics Day 6
Its Sunday....less then a week to the unveiling. I have decided this needs to be a day off as I will not have a day off now for almost three weeks. So its a great day to spend with my fiance relaxing and watching the super bowl. Yes...I am an artist who loves sports. So to have the mural at the Olympics this year is a double thrill for me. Tomorrow will be chaos at the studio though as we will only have two full days to get all the final details set. So on this day off I wanted to pick a handful of paintings from the mural to show some incredible diversity in the mural. These pictures posted here are only a small portion of the amazing art in the mural. Whats even more amazing is that all of these pictures can actually be combined together to make another even bigger unified image. WITH NO COMPUTER SPECIAL EFFECTS!! None of the artists knowing each other, none of the artists knowing what the big picture will be. All they know is their own style and their own voice will combine with others to make a powerful legacy to the west coast. Enjoy these few samples here then go to the website and randomly click on numbers. You can see every picture...without knowing what the big picture will be. Its amazing to enjoy each painting one at a time and truly appreciate each artists work. You can even adventure deeper as each artist has their web page listed by their paintings so you can see what they do when not working with us creating these murals. Enjoy....More Monday!!
April White
Ron Wilson Ray Martin Laura Levitsky Mark HobsonMichael Gerencser Mary ConleyDennis Weber Barry Tate

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