Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The excitement is building as we begin the trek to Vancouver for the 2010 Olympics to unveil the Galiano Island inspired mural mosaic project KUNAMOKST! Its been quite a process. The mural project technically began back in 2005 when we unveiled the mural Buffalo Twins and it was shown in Vancouver. At that time we set a goal to unveil a mural in the Olympics and it was reported by CTV on a national news story. So since then we put pressure on ourseleves to acheive this goal. In collaboration with 180 extremely talented artists and the island of Galiano and the Galiano Inn spearheading the mural in to existence - we are set to unveil the mural at the Olympics before it ends up permanently on the beautiful island of Galiano.

Here is the CTV national news story from 2005:

The mural creation process began in 2009 but our first workshop was held on Galiano island at the Galiano Ocean front Inn and Spa and was an incredible experience. Here is how it all began in pictures:Artists Watch the Instructions For The MuralOUR YOUNGEST MURAL ARTIST WITH LEWIS LAVOIEIntroducing the mural with Lewis Lavoie watching onDistributing the panels for the artists to paint

Galiano Island is going to be a beautiful permanent place for the mural to rest. Check out the Galiano Inn's beautiful garden's....A beautiful mural should be in a beautiful place!!
So we are just gathering the mural and the wall we need to display it on and starting to pack to head to West Vancouver!!! More coming soon!! Follow us here as we head to the Olympics! Watch other murals come to life on our website here too- http://www.muralmosaic.com

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