Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blogging is hard work!! Ha! I missed a day so don't shoot me. But I needed one day to visit a close friend of mine and his fiance and had no internet. Am I forgiven?

So today we got up early and I spent the morning in West vancouver in coffee shops chatting about the mural at the games. Lost of interesting chatter about it. Then we went off to the venue and found the mural room packed with large groups of students who were being shown the mural and then going through workshops in front of the mural. The instructors did a rap/poetry session which was done as a collaborative with the students and they used the mural as a symbol of how to collaborate. Unity through Diversity. Too cool...

Then we went off to see the Olympic Flame, meet up with CTV and the Vancouver Sun. Media is starting to line up. Its exciting!!

Must admit Vancouver is alive and it feels very friendly and spirited. I se only the good. When I can see so many people from around the world gather together in such a positive way it truly is wonderful thing to experience. Reminds me of the night of the unveiling as so many of the artists came from so many regions and from so many varied backgrounds and had such a great time through one unifying event. The world needs more of this...

Oh Yeah----http://www.muralmosaic.com

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