Thursday, February 11, 2010

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PHIL ALAIN and Mural Mosaic - Road to the Olympics
Wow...long day! from 8 a.m. Wednesday morning until 4 p.m. in the afternoon loading up the van then got on the road and drove as far as we could until 11 p.m.. We are becoming "tetrus" champs with our packing abilities when taking our show on the road. Who would have thought we could fit so much into a cargo van. Paul Lavoie and myself set off today to get the mural set up in vancouver for the unveiling before Saturday with Lewis Lavoie and his family coming on Friday and bringing anything we may have forgotten. Or should I say that we WILL have forgotten. It was a busy day dealing with media, the planning committee in Vancouver at the venue and pretty much everything else. The drive was pretty good. More or less uneventful except for a truck driver who was swerving everywhere. We thought he was drunk but when we passed him it turned out he was just busy doing some work on his 17 inch screen computer while he was driving. Silly us bothering him driving while he worked away. Ran into some snow but not too bad. Stopped in Clearwater for the night. Its great as the hotel LOVES Christmas. Decorated Reindeer , Christmas trees and choo choo trains adorn the hotel. No cell phone service but we have internet so I can blog for you! Tomorrow we take vancouver by storm!!! Keep sending the good vibes so we make the last half of the trip safely. Here is a video of our adventure today...

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Louise said...

Merry Christmas Phil! Glad your trip has been safe and relatively uneventful so far. We're with you all the way!