Tuesday, December 02, 2008

After driving from Calgary to Edmonton and staying up all night to catch the plane to go to Las Vegas we finally arrived at our show destination....extremely tired. Nevertheless we are here. It always amazes me the amount of flash here in Vegas. It also amazes me how no matter what simple task you want to perform someone is right there to do it for you and with their hand out. Nothing is free here so I guess I better get used to it. Its almost $20 a day just so we can use the internet to keep up to date on things.

So we went to the Las Vegas convention center today to check on the venue and its a really big show. I am excited to set the mural up for the big display. We are going to be seeing some more of the mural team here too so that is equally exciting!!! Donna Ridgway...Sue Kroll...and you never know who else might come by.

Today we will start taking pics so you call all start to see whats going on here. It should be fun. I slept for four hours yesterday afternoon then Paul and I got up and checked out the strip for two hours then I went back to bed as I could barely keep my eyes open. I think am well rested now and look forward to the new day.

More later!!!

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Sue said...

Looking forward to seeing the mural in person and actually meeting you guys!

Vegas is so full of light and flash at night, but sure turns into a dirty concrete jungle during the day. Quite a contrast.

See you Saturday! Can't wait to meet William Shatner too!

Sue Kroll, panel 188