Friday, December 05, 2008

The first day when off without a hitch. The mural has a great display area with lots of room so people can stand back and really get a good look at the mural. The response has once again been fantastic. It would have been a bit better if the mural was closer to the front entrance of the venue but there is a big show right beside the mural daily which draws huge crowds back to the mural.
I must admit the sunset with the desert mountains in the distance amongst the flash of las Vegas is pretty darn cool. I grabbed this picture of where the show is at before we left the other day. Pretty nice.
Its been tough sledding touring the mural and it may seem like a lot of fun but its hard work more then fun. This is a good shot of Paul- who works his butt off daily in many ways behind the scenes.
He literally lies down on the bed and all his elctronic apparatus that he uses to keep mural mosaic functioning fall off of him. That means its the end of the day. You can see everything from the remote to his blackberry always close at hand. awww...the poor sleepy Paul. look at the little guy.

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Pat Getha said...

You were really trying to just get that girl from the Stetson ad in the photo weren't you Phil?

Have fun; get some rest and don't get too close to the horses. It will be fun to watch from the sidelines this time.