Sunday, November 30, 2008

So I am doing a double blog today for today and yesterday. Saturday was the busiest day at the show so Paul and I talked non stop. So with that said writing any more last night would have been a stretch for me haha. We went for sushi last night and thought we'd check out a movie as well to relax. Me going for sushi is kinda funny because I am allergic to fish ;-). So needless to say its Tempura vegetables and terriyaki everything.

We are up and at 'em early today as we have a looooong day ahead of us. We have the last day of the show, then we tear down the exhibit and then the drive back to Edmonton. We should arrive in Edmonton about midnight. We will unload the truck sleep for 3 or 4 hours then jump on the plane to Vegas. Yep...less then 24 hours away now until we headoff to the BIG show. All we have to do is get past today. So there won't be another blog until late Monday night but then the camera's will come out and off we go again on the Mural tour! I'm pretty excited ...but will feel more relaxed once we have the mural set up and all is well.

So we will get through today and let the true adventure begin!

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Donna Ridgway said...

Hi Phil,
We're ready to leave here also, to see you and the mural in Vegas! Such an exciting time. :) I was reading a post where you'd sent out to artists, but we haven't received a poster yet. Was hoping to take mine to Vegas to have William Shatner sign it while we were there. No big deal, we'll figure it all out later. Just wanted to let you know the poster hasn't arrived here yet.