Sunday, December 07, 2008

Today we plugged away again at the mural on a day where we expected it to be one of the busiest days but in actuality was the slowest day as of yet. We are in such an odd location that it does make finding the mural a bit of an adventure. So hopefully Saturday was not a true indication of what to expect.

We did have another wonderful artist stop by for a visit. Sue Kroll popped on by coming from Utah. We had a great visit and got some good shots of her with the mural.
Also Donna Ridgway cam by again as well so we were able to connect Donna and sue who had never met face to face.

We also always love to try to get reactions from the kids and families. It is always wonderful to see. This little girl LOVED all the little horses in the mural.

So off we go on another day adventure. Vegas is a bit of a sensory over load location. Its a great place for a 3 or four day holiday but for two weeks you kinda wish you had a place to get away to for some quiet time. I love my mornings getting up before the worlds awake but even mornings here are full of noise and crowds. Luckily the room is peaceful.

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Sue Kroll said...

That was such a blast to see you guys! And meeting Donna and Carol was the icing on the cake.

If anyone has a chance to see this in person, it is so gorgeous. Pics just do not do it justice at all.

Phil, were you out there on your little stick horse guiding people to the mural on Sunday? *winkwink*