Monday, December 08, 2008

So last night we went out for a nice dinner at Ah Sin overlooking the fountains of the Bellagio with Caesar's Palace in the distance. It was a much better day at the mural today as for some reason the crowds sunday were bigger then on saturday. (weird...Vegas does things its own unique way thats for sure)

We had a nice surprise as two more artists came by. Pat Lambrecht Hould and Tom Dorr stopped by. What a nice treat!! I did not expect them and it was a realy pleasure to meet them.

Another nice treat was the arrival of our ace in the hole team member Beatrice Lavoie. The mother of Paul and Lewis and a key team mate for helping out with the murals. She is down here for a visit and a holiday. Not only was it great to see her down here...she is one mean slot machine player as this jubilant photo proves!!

Today we are hoping for much of the same crowd success as yesterday. The great feature in Cowboys and Indians magazine this month is certainly adding to the buzz and also there is a feature coming out now in Horse Illustrated. So the buzz keeps growing.

Another day - another explanation of the mural 100 times an hour to the masses....time to go gargle and get my voice ready. Believe it or not I dropped out of University because I was scared to stand in front of the class and do any presentations let alone...scared to speak out loud period. Who'd a thunk i would be talking to thousands now in strange public settings...weird...

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