Wednesday, December 03, 2008

We finally began the hanging of the mural in las Vegas. What a huge venue we are displaying in. The Convention center has the highest ceiling we have ever had for displaying a mural. So needless to say the mural had no problem fitting in this venue. We spent all of Tuesday setting the mural up piece by piece again and it was great to watch it come together.
The set up seemed to go very smoothly. Except for one little sanding down of the support beams which Paul handled admirably. Not sure if we have a good location in the venue. I guess that is what we will wait to see. Its a bit of a hike from the front doors of the venue but we all need the exercise right? As you can see below - I have been maintaining a solid workout routine while on tour. I regularly carry the mural around much like Atlas to keep lean and mean.Here is a video of the mural from the beginning to the end of the set up.....First the beginning:

Now the end:

For those of you keeping score- Paul and I are both doing our best to stay away from the blackjack tables but with that said after day 2 we are both on the good side of the gambling line :-). But with two weeks to go here I have a feeling we will go back and forth across that line daily haha.

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