Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The crowds were flocking today to the mural as the word spreads. We were kept very busy talking about the mural all day today. So good thing i did the gragling in the morning. Lots of great chatter and another couple of venues interested. It is now looking like a strong possibility our next stop on the tour is going to be Baltimore Maryland at the end of January. I will hopefully be confirming in the next 48 hours.

Monday was a take it easy kinda day. Paul and I had a fancy meal at Burger King then went off to Bally's and gathered a few necklaces at the Blackjack tables. For every blackjack you get the give you a necklace. I left with three and Paul with 2. The rest of the table had none haha. So I guess you can say we were the lucky ones at that table as we also left with a few bucks in our pocket while the others at the table left without their shirts. Funny how that can happen.

One more week to go. Truth is...I am ready to leave. The ringing of the machines is driving me crazy!!

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Kat Moore said...

Hey you guys are doing a great job! I for one appreciate it alot that you are keeping the blog going! Hey... I have a friend who is coming down there from thursday through sunday... and they are going to the rodeo... but wanted to know how to find you guys... any info on just what building your in...and well how to find you? I know you mentioned that you were a ways back from the entrance... but I didn't catch entrance to where.
any help on directing them would be great!. You can email direct if you like. Kat@trueimagery.com

Thanks for all your hard work!