Saturday, December 13, 2008

LAST DAY!! Yes!! Glad its done...
It was good but home is always better. Friday had a couple of surprises. One was really cool one was not so cool. The not so cool part was we discovered that through the beauty of unions in las Vegas the cost of shipping the mural 40 yards across the parking lot of a fork lift is the same price as putting the mural on a truck and shipping it across the country. How is that possible you ask?? Thats what we asked too. Could you imagine our surprise and disappointment?? Not sure where they get their rates from for their efforts but whatever...thats "the man stickin" it to us. It felt like we were literally thrown to the dogs....or dino's
But I called Lewis back at home and he said "Phil-when you get home we'll have some apple pie and turkey and none of those bad union guys will matter anymore" that put a smile on my face again.

The cool news was Jewel was in the neigbourhood and not only came by the mural but was on stage next to the mural doing a show. Paul wasn;t around so we missed a photo op around the mural but it was a quick look so that might have been tough anyways. The interesting thing is that she is also on the cover of the Cowboys and Indians magazine that the mural is featured in so she can always go home and read about the mural. Much like I have done :-).The crowds were really good today and the new touch screen we have to highlight all the artists work in front of the mural is wonderful. Now all the onlookers can actually go into the website and actually read all the artists comments while they look at the mural and see who painted each square!! Its great!!


delia said...

What a great idea the "touch screen"...thanks for doing that...
yes unfortunatly the unions have done us in, as you can see with the auto industry..I can say that cause hubby worked for GM. I know that when I'm at a show, just having someone move a panel, a table, or just getting a chair, table cloth, it's $$$$$$ it never used to be like that.
Hope you will be able to recover the costs, but the meal of Turkey and apple pie that Lewis offered sounded like a good deal to get your mind off of it *!*

Anonymous said...

Yeah, unions are going to be the end of it all.... Just like the auto industry unions won't concede to lower wages, the Americans have to bail them out. Just think, me making $10 an hour has to bail out someone making $71 an hour. Really fair. Where's MY bail out? (Did you know that when they get layed off they still get $31 an hour and full benefits?)

Everything in Vegas is a union. Did you know that the person bringing you a soda at dinner is in a different union than the one bringing your dinner?

Sorry they tagged you with that exhorbitant amount. Not fair. Costs like that will keep the mural from traveling even further.