Saturday, December 06, 2008

Friday was a busy day with the mural as the crowds began to flock! There was definitely a buz around the mural. Even a CBS TV Director stopped by from Chicago saying that this mural needs national a big way and he has some BIG ideas. Curious to see where he wants to go with it. We exchanged cards and we'll see.

One of the fabulous artists stopped by today! Donna Ridgway made it out to see the mural with her husband and once again what a treat it was for us to meet her. I love meeting the artists. I just hope we can meet them all someday.
Another interesting moment was a wonderful lady who stopped by whose miniature horse had been painted into the mural by Kat Moore in a touching tribute with a young child by its side (panel #115) The lady was from an organization called Personal Ponies Ltd. This is an awesome program started by an avid horse lover, Marianne Alexander, who found a way to bring ponies to children and adults of special needs. She absolutely loved the mural and of course Kats painting and we had some great pics with her and her granddaughter who is vying for Rodeo Queen.We have brought a new display monitor to accompany the mural which has been a huge hit with the crowds. They can actually gothrough the mural one square at a time and learn about all the artists.Then last but not least...Paul and I kicked back and went off for a cruise of Vegas including the amazing fountain show at the Bellagio....check it out!!

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