Saturday, November 29, 2008

Today was a busy day again and was actually quite fun. Talked to lots of people and really enjoyed the day. Today I found myself studying those studying the mural. I loved today.

I decided to focus on family today. There were so many mothers and daughters and babies coming through looking at the artwork. I found it incredibly touching. Call me a sucker, call me too caught up in cheesy sappy emotional moments. But I found this incredible beauty in watching the relationships between family members. Three generations sometimes would stand in front of me and listen to me talk about the mural. They smiled and listened intently to all I had to say while little did they know I was smiling back at them because I loved looking back at the beuaty in front of my eyes. To see Mothers and daughters spending time together was so wonderful. I would study how their eyes and smiles would look the same and how they would have the same mannerism's. The different ways they would interact was wonderful.

I loved lisening to the little children ask for advice from their Grandma while their Mom's would look on in obvious love and respect. There was truly a beauty within this. Ahh....what a sweet thing to take notice of.

So back at the lodge tonight....Travelodge that is...we are wrapping up the night with Las Vegas on our minds and the 2 day countdown now beginning. With nervous anticipation we await to reunite with the beuatiful 23 foot high mural....the hard work to reconstruct it one more time and then the two weeks of showing it off to the world. Tick tock tick tock...time is almost here to shine.

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