Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Holy smokeroooneees....its busy around here. The Las Vegas showing of the mural has us a bit stressed out as we are on such tight time lines with so much to do in a short period of time. Thus the blogging has been a bit weak ..but... rest assured...I am still here and still plugging away.

Its amazing how much work there is when you have to package up prints to ship to artists around the world. It literally is taking us a week to accomplish. In the mean time we are busy planning more shows, getting things set for the tour into the US and working feverishly to release the book Le Cadeau Du Cheval. (coming soon...very soon...)

Today is a special day of course with Remembrance day/Veterans Day being honored. Its is always an emotional day especially more so for those who have loved ones currently in conflict zones around the world. It is a day to honor those who allowed us the freedoms we have today and to make sure we do not forget the lives that have been sacrificed. I also want to extend my prayers to those who are currently involved in war. I pray that they are kept safe and that soon they will return home. I pray not only for the soldiers but for the innocents who are caught in the middle of conflict. Today is their day as well.

I have to post this mural above again...and check it out online. A mural of remembrance ...war veterans, battles...triumphs and tragedies....

Check it out here too http://www.muralmosaic.com/SOMH/heroes.html

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delia said...

Oh I'm glad to see that Canada celebrates Veterans Day the same day we do, I did not know that! We spent all day doing the Veterans ceremonies, a cold day but a pleasure to see more people this time then any other, maybe the elections had something to do with it.
I received this email from a friend telling me that there where Canadian soldiers celebrating the day in their town...here is the link, hope it works.