Thursday, November 27, 2008

So we were up and at em early today and spent the day talking about the mural in cowtown with Vegas on our mind. No pics to show today as I left the camera at the hotel haha. Hey...we are in an Edmontonian I am allowed to say that there is nothing worth taking pictures of here anyways haha- Hey I know you Calgarians would say the same if you were in Edmonton. ;-).

Its amazing how many people today said they have seen the mural on the internet. I guess when you get 30,000 to 50,000 visitors daily and over 20 million people in just over a year there is a good chance that someone at the show has seen the mural . People act like a movie star is in the building when they see the murals. Its common to hear..."Oh my god!! There it is!!!"...and we just have a small version of the mural on display haha.

My voice is already feeling worked over as the days are 11 hours long here. Yikes...

Paul I went for a late end of day meal to finish the day off and I ordered a war wonton soup which I have ordered at many restaurants before with no problem. But tonight I order it and half way through I relaize that they must have added some fish to the broth...which i am allergic too. Luckily it was trace amounts so I just had to eat the rest of my meal through a swollen larynx. Nothing can stop me when i am hungry!! Even death...Death... I laugh in your face!

So off to bed and on to Day 3 of the road trip...and the countdown to Vegas...Yes!!!!

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