Sunday, March 21, 2004

Where is Phil, where is Phil.... long time since I have updated the reports! Very busy right now and really things are going extremely well. After the first two sell outs we now have a third in G.P. and looks like Fairview is heading the same way. We have a major press conference in Edmonton on Tuesday to talk about the three day NOA event at the Westin. On top of that today Ken Christensen and I went down and did window splashes on a prime location Second Cup downtown Edmonton promoting the show!! Already getting a ton of attention. Calgary we are already over 100 tickets sold for the show and it is two months away yet. Wow!!!

We are getting a lot of attention and art is selling well at the shows. I think people are realizing that NOA art is good stuff and the people in NOA are going to make an impact!!

Very busy so i must carry on. I will try to get my groove back with the updates. I think its better that i keep the groove going with the shows then worry about the updates but if I can do both... all the better!!

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