Friday, March 05, 2004

Well- I was able to somewhat function again today so immediately I got as busy as I could. I spent the day struggling through picking up grid wall and goods for up north. Had a great article written in the Journal. I did two interviews with the Fairview Post and the G.P. Herald Tribune. Then as my energy slowly climbed I managed to get into my car and due the mandatory trip I had to make to Slave Lake and Saturday to Manning as the shows begin next weekend. Things are looking very positive. I am hoping for a strong start to the tour. I hope this 10 hour tour of driving doesn't bring back the bug... arrrgh.
The ads have now started on CKUA and will run on and off now for about 5 weeks. CBC ads will be starting soon as well. We are now in show mode. Coming to a town or city near you!! Here is to 2004.... Its a year of new beginnings!!!

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