Monday, March 15, 2004

Well- due to my busy schedule and the first two shows occuring my updates have lagged. However- I have great news to report!
The shows in Slave lake and Manning were both a hit! Both events were technically sold out and the evenings were simply amazing. Wendy McNeill, Dawson Walker and Lorna Wildgoose, Chris Wynters, Carla Boisvert and Blair Kennedy, The Croakin Four and the Crokin Frogs all put on a great show. Over $12,000 worth of artwork was purchased in two days and the charities raised really good numbers in both locations. The communities loved the shows and I was thanked by many people for bringing such a wonderful event to the community. It was not me that made the event wonderful though- it was the incredible artists we had, the music, the charities and their effort and the amazing sponsorship. WOW- if every show is like this we are in for an amazing 2004.
Hope to see even more people out at the remaining 6 shows on the tour. Next stop, G.P. and Fairview!!!

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