Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Hello!! Long break again from writing but definitely not a break from working. The Grande Prairie and Fairview shows were both big hits!!! The shows were fun and exciting. Los Morenos was the definite hi-lite of the night . The incredible guitar playing of Mauricio and Marvin as well as Toto and Cassius Khan on percussion - well- it was amazing to say the least! Encores were the call of the weekend!!
Both shows were sold out and the art was a hit as well. Over $25.000.00 of artwork was purchased in the two days.
Now the focus turns to Edmonton as the big show happens in less then three weeks. I am off to Ottawa to visit Sue and to look for more opportunities for NOA. I need a short break after doing 4 shows in 2 weeks. Can't be gone long though as the BIG ONE is on the horizon.
So- off to Ottawa and hopefully new adventures to bring forth.

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