Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The second painting in the mural-
When the angel was speaking to Mary I could just imagine her disbelief. How is this all possible? How could she be having a child? Then at the same time when she began to realize what was upon her she must have had incredible excitement within.
I know as an expectant parent once you discover the news its amazing where your mind can go. You instantly envision the future...will it be a boy or a girl. Will you be doing all sorts of exciting things together. What will he or she be like? Soooo many exciting thoughts. But then you also have those fears. Yes those fears that come at you from all angles as well. I know I said it in my last blog as well but you fear problems, you fear your own self- can I even be a good parent? I don;t know if i have the ability? This could be so overwhelming....Can i deal with it all?

You almost need a place for your mind to rest with all that you process. I would pray.
That helped me to relax and to have a place to rest my thoughts. I would also talk to my wife a lot and we would share our thoughts. It was so amazing to hear she felt so many things that i did. But together we were able to eliminate many fears and we began to enjoy each other that much more and looked forward to the road ahead... see the mural come to life here

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BMP said...

I love your painting, the expression on both parts! What a great contrast! Trevor Boller