Thursday, October 28, 2010

The fourth picture in the mural (see the mural here )is when Mary told Joseph the news. Joseph was a very righteous man and a great example of earthly integrity. Although
knowing he was not the father and was faced with a situation that in his time could cause him great shame and public ridicule he stood by Mary who already was faced with public ridicule making him an excellent choice for the Messiah's father. Because Joseph was not yet married to Mary his decision to stay with Mary was very challenging and he was very confused.

There are so many times when a life is to be brought into the world in less then ideal circumstances. It is a miracle to behold when a man and a woman can overlook the challenges they are facing. By just opening their hearts to love each other more rather then turn away from each other obstacles can be turned away and beautiful things can occur.

My sister and her husband unexpectedly were told they were to have twins after already having a two year old to raise. The thought of the new additions coming along at this time in their life was not only a surprise but was a hard thing to comprehend as they were not sure how they would cope. But to watch how my sisters husband poured more of his love and strength into the relationship and how that energy gave strength to my sister turned a situation with many challenges into a wonderfully beautiful family. The love they had for each other combined with their faith radiated unbelievable beauty and enlightened all around them. To this day their children continue to pour out love to all who come near them.

God bless the husband who stands by his wife and loves his family. I have seen this in my loving mom and dad, I have witnessed this through my brother and his wife and my sister and her husband. I know that in my life with my wife and our little child that when life throws us unexpected challenges that it is in that time we must come closer to each other.

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