Saturday, October 30, 2010

After hearing the news from Mary, Joseph was uncertain as to what he should do. It was at this point that the Angel of the Lord appeared to him and told him to not be afraid and reassured him that this was meant to be.
Many times in this world a child is conceived unplanned and to unmarried couples on top of everything else who are not even certain of what their relationship status is. I am certain that many men and women have lay in bed at night in deep thought pondering their situation for guidance.
So many thoughts can go through your head. You can spin in circles in your mind wondering about finances, your work, your ability to be a parent, how to share the news with others, how to prepare for possible problems that may arise with the child, will it be healthy...
We all pray for that angel to come to us and give us that guidance and reassurance.

When my wife told me that we were to have a child, neither one of us were prepared. Our angels were each other. We shared our love for each other and our love for the road we were about to travel down together. We reached out to our friends and family and more angels came our way. It was then that there was an incredible bliss to the moment.
Committment- we committed our lives to this unborn child...and to each other and by doing so we became angels to each other and to our child. Looking into my wife's eyes knowing her committment to me and to our child was the greatest experience of my life. An Angel indeed.
What a peaceful and joyous experience.

I am so thankful for my angels and will always pray for those who feel lost and alone and are in need of angels.

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