Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Today I start my journey through the newest mural created by Lewis Lavoie. It is called the Nativity. It will be a mural that takes people on the journey through the advent calendar to Christmas Day. i am starting early as Lewis is creating the pictures daily and I want to blog my own relation to this project. Having just had a child of my own this is a very special mural to me as I can really understand the joy and fears that Mary and Joseph would have experienced not knowing what to expect becoming new parents. I always hoped someday to be the father to a child. To think that it would happend when I was 42 years old was such a shock and a blessing.

Much like when the angel appeared to Mary- i am sure she felt shocked and blessed at the same time. So once the news of the child was put upon us- the world opened up in an entirely new way. Fears, joys, hopes, excitement and so many uncertainty's. All i could do was pray for a healthy child and have faith that Amy and the baby would be taken care of through the process and i would be able to provide the strength for them to lean on when they needed it most.

So step one in the Nativity mural is Mary is approched by the angel... watch the mural come to life at this web address http://www.muralmosaic.com/Nativity/panels/dec01.html

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Darlene said...

very cool Phil, but your link back to the main mural doesn't work cause it's got a capital N in Nativity and shouldn't - I had to go to the home page for MM and get there.