Thursday, April 19, 2007

Two posts today. JUST BECAUSE I HATE SNOW RIGHT NOW!!!! It's the middle of April and I want to see my grass. Do I hear an AMEN???
I couldn't drive to Calgary tonight because of a blizzard. Whats up with that???
Anyways... on a more positive note- I have the NOA magazine proof in hand and there is lots to be getting excited about. I think all the people involved in the magazine and guests reading it are really going to enjoy it very much.

If you are reading this you have your weekend pass for NOA yet? If not get 'em fast. They are the hot ticket so don't miss out. $45 for a weekend of 8 musical groups, TANGENT, Mothers Day Fashion show.... THE MIGHTY MIGHTY MURAL MOSAIC!!!

Even the legend himself- LEWIS LAVOIE painting live paintings all weekend long...well twice anyways :-). Get your tickets at 420-1757 and visit

Come one come all :-)!! Tickets at 420-1757 see the mural at

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