Thursday, April 19, 2007

Man...Its snowing today! When is this winter going to end!!!!

Well yesterday had a great meeting with the Capital Ex as we try to turn the ex into a great art exhibit. I think its going to be great! We have the first ever NOA mini show happening so that's exciting!! Over 200 miniature paintings 5x7 in size on display. Should be very cool!

Also had discussions with the Leonard Cohen Festival and our Leonard Cohen art show in September will be really funky. I am of to Calgary today as I am driving the proofs down to be reviewed by our wonderful designer Cathy Stevenson. Quick visit then right back again!

So all is moving ahead. I am working on the fall Guitar Woman show as well. That seems to e going quite well also.

So - time for some new images for this page again today to promote the auction at Today's images are Jesse Wolski's - Dolphins, Bernadette McCormack's - Hummingbird, and Lorraine Sherwood's- Macaw's. BID ON THESE and over 216 other

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