Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mother's Day weekend is going to be great!! Did you get your tickets yet? 420-1757...ya know you want to come to the show....so just do it!

I'm up at 4 a.m. today. Just can't sleep. I am going to walk to the gym, enjoy the peace and tranquility of a city that is more or less still sleeping. I love that feeling.

Then I will get home and walk my best bud Roscoe...my old blind dog who will follow me anywhere and listen to every word I say. A leash on this dog is a waste of time because he listens better then any child and you don;t see kids on leashes. Oh wait...yes you do haha.

Anyways- Today will be a marketing day as we keep pushing the show. Lots of preparations happening as we get closer to the day. I am getting very excited about what lies ahead. I want to focus on a few more paintings from the mural that people should start bidding on.

The whole mural will be at the show so you might as well start bidding and then come se it live.

We have Helena Ball's Polar Bears, Heather Brewsters Iguana and Lewis Lavoie's Gorilla. You can OWN these original paintings! Go bid www.MuralMosaic.com....see ya later.... my day just is beginning.

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