Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hey... its cloudy and cold and they say its going to snow today. I thought it was spring!!! Well- things are shaping up nice for the show. CKUA's Chris Allen contacted me yesterday to do a special segement on NOA on his Arts Alive program. I also had a great meeting with Trevor Wiltzen regarding a Mural Mosaic for STARS. I spent the day doing a lot of walking in between meetings. Had a good visit with Lewis Lavoie and Paul Lavoie as well - discussing Mural Mosaic projects. Probably the most exciting news of the day though was ....WE COMPLETED THE 4th annual edition of NOA magazine and today it is off to the printers. So it looks like another magazine goes into the NOA collection and creates more history for our national event.

I have to run off to walk my wonderful blind little hound. Before I go though- today's feature painting are by LEWIS LAVOIE- gorilla, LISA LUKAN- white tiger, LYNN KINGHAM- Musk-ox. BID ON THESE SQUARES at

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