Saturday, April 21, 2007

Did you get your tickets yet?? 420-1757.... don't miss the big weekend festival!!
Did you bid on a painting yet?? your gonna wish you had!!

Its the weekend and I'm off and running. Heading off to the gym this a.m. for a good start to the day. I am really excited that BILL BOURNE, MADAGASCAR SLIM , AND LESTER QUITZAU -"TRICONTINETAL" are coming to perform at the Night of Artists festival. Its going to be a great show! Actually the whole weekend is going to be great with Ellen McIlwaine/Cassius Khan, Souljah Fyah, Anne Vriend....and so much more.

I had a great meeting with Paul Lavoie and Lewis Lavoie yesterday. We are hoping to create an exciting event at the Capital Ex this year. I also am preparing for the big VIP magazine launch on May 3rd. Should also be very exciting.

I am going to showcase a few more paintings today- David Birch, Otter- Beth Dunlop, Rooster- LeeAnn Jones-Blue Poison Dart Frogs online at

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