Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Today I have decided I HAVE to make a serious effort to blog daily. I also am going to make a serious effort to keep the workouts going and take care of my health ha. So...if I miss a blog day you know my health is going down the tubes too ;-). Today I am still coming down from the thrill of unveiling the newest mural "Le Cadeau Du Cheval" The Horse Gift at Spruce Meadows in Calgary. Lewis Lavoie's newest design has really knocked it out of the park. The master image is wonderful and the artists that contributed to the project have absolutely nailed their contributions.There is something to be said about our company slogan...UNITY THROUGH DIVERSITY.

Today we began preparing for Columbus Ohio. We had a fascinating meeting with Customs and Immigration and learned a helluva lot. Some things I wish we didn;t know and some things I guess its good to know now before its too late. We have a lot of work ahead of us.

Mural Mosaic took a half day off today to celebrate (ha..) Paul and I took in Body World. WHOA!!! Skinned human carcasses in graphic detail. It was educational but is it maybe too much?? I can understand studying the body but pulling bodies apart in twisted ways and turning them into art pieces...hmmm....I'm not against it but not sure I am for it either. Literally bodies are sawed into slabs like logs and you get to look at the fat layers and bone. Sure...its fascinating....but...I'm still in shock as to where my morals should be in all of this.I guess when a person dies, the soul leaves the vesel that carried it around for the lifetime- so the fact that someone is recycling the used vessel I guess is better then it just rotting away. I just can;t help thinking what if that was someone I knew....

So...Back to reality after the half day off...We are immediately beginning new projects for the murals and at the same time it is just about time for me to begin plans for NOA XIII. So tomorrow I will write more. Lets count this as day one of writing and health watch for Phil. More coming soon!

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