Monday, September 15, 2008

It was a mixed emotions kind of day. I woke up and my lovable litle dog Roscoe was quite ill again. Its not bad enough he is blind but today he was so weak and vomitting everywhere. He had a day like this before. So I am hoping he just needs to get through a couple days of weakness. He is truly my best friend so I hope he pulls through ok. He is just about 13.

Other news...lots of interest in the mural Le cadeau du cheval. Had a great discussion with a group in Kentucky and we now have on our radar screen the 2010 World Equine Olympics. It is just an idea percolating in many minds but thats where it begins. We spent the day packing getting ready for Ohio. Lewis is putting together some great ideas for the next few murals. Things are really happening.

So on that note...I have included a video of my poor little guy and on the upside another picture of us putting together the world renowned Cochrane mural in 2007.

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Kathleen said...

Too High for me!!Love your work!