Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thought I'd start off today with a pic of one of my jazz pieces that I painted a few years ago.

Saturday came and went as a great day with my little bro and his stepson John. Spent the morning having a great round of golf on a beautiful sunny morning. Just me and Dave hanging out. I am so lucky to have a brother that is like a best friend I have had all my life. Its nice to have someone on this planet who you know you could trust with your life and would NEVER do anything to hurt you. I have been blessed with a family that I would classify more as angels then siblings and parents. I always know they are there for me at all times.

Thus I have the strength to prepare for the big US unveiling of Le Cadeau Du Cheval in Ohio. Although I worry that my strength may weaken as almost a full month talking to thousands about the mural from 9 a.m. - 7 p.m. daily may eventually take its toll. So I am thinking about the thingas I love other then art while I am there. How about the Buckeyes, Blue Jackets and the Browns?? Maybe even the Cavaliers????

I am going to make a point of enjoying some sporting events while I am there. Mix a little art culture with some sport culture. I love the American spirit when it comes to sports. Its a little rabid but the crowds are almost as entertaining as the games. Gotta live the culture. When in Rome....

Today is a day of rest and a day of house cleaning. Thats always fun...bah.

I am going to paint a bit today too as it will help me think of all I need to do for OHIO so I am ready for a crazy Monday.

Think I'll go check out the fashion show tonight after a nice dinner! Its sunny and life is good!

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