Monday, September 22, 2008

So - back into the studio I went today. After the challenge of losing my bud Roscoe I am just plugging away now getting set for the big show in OHIO of the mural Le Cadeau Du Cheval. Dogs are pretty hard animals to lose. Its kinda like losing your shadow. Some may wonder what there is to get upset about but I don't need to explain to the "some" why I miss him. I just do.

So packing and unpacking and packing seems to be the order of the day. Just unpacked from Spruce Meadows and have to pack to got to Ohio. rest for the wicked!! If anyone wants to do these murals like we do I think you will be surprised at the amount of work there is. Even when I think that we have things figured out...yikes...more work comes along. But I am still able to write about it so I guess I am keeping my head above water thus far.

I have four more days to work with Lewis and Paul to get ready before I have to leave and meet up with my family for a well deserved reunion. Then its probably 6 weeks until I get a chance to see my home again. There is a strong chance we may be showing the Le Cadeau du Cheval mural in Toronto....more details soon.

So...I guess nose to the grind stone and adventure abounds!!

Thought I'd add a pic of Colin James with his portrait painting that Lewis Lavoie did in 2005 for the Alberta Saskatchewan Centennial mural. Thanks again Colin!!

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