Monday, April 04, 2005

Well howdy all!! Bet you thought I'd never blog again after a two month hiatus!! I guess its called just being too busy...

The Mural Mosaic was launched this past weekend and Lewis lavoie and myself Phil Alain along with Paul Lavoie are all thrilled with what transpired. What an amazing accomplishment!! The artists should all be very proud!

Tomorrow we are adding one last piece to the puzzle as Premier Ralph klein will paint an image into the mural.

After that i am of to calgary for the NOA show. I have some media to do on A-Channel, CJAY 92 and CBC. More coverage then we usually get in Calgary and yet our show still packs them in!

I am looking very forward to this years show and hope for great successes with it as always.

So things are plodding along and we are getting set for Ottawa. Big undertaking but i think we will make it work!

More later... hopefully not two months later haha

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