Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Sue Foley wins best female vocalist and Best Recording of the Year at the Maple Blues Awards and she is playing at NOA this year too! Plus she is such a darn sweetheart :-).
Today I met the the Livia Stoyke Foundation abou the mural - good meeting! Things are looking good. I also spent a good chunk of the evening discussing the mural with Lewis. We also lined up an Edmonton Journal interview for the Painting Party.

I went to see Debbie Boodram today for her CD release at the Pallative care unit of the Grey Nuns Hospital. It was very emotional. Debbie was bed ridden and was unable to really communicate due to exhaustion from her suffering. I just hope for her pain to go away. Its so hard to watch her suffer so. The evening as painful as it was - it was beautiful too as Debbie's music moved my soul and her words echoed in my mind as I thought of the days where she was singing at our shows. She is an angel....

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