Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Its the beginning of February and we are moving ahead nicely. Last night we completed the third painting party on the tour in Edmonton and a great time was had by all.
The day is getting closer when the NOA magazine will be released. It is going to be a show stopper!!
I am having so many interesting emotions around NOA this year. The show is moving ahead nicely and it looks like this year could be an amazing tour all around. Its not the shows that are affecting me so much its all my personal interaction with all the people that are now my friends through NOA. Its has been such a happy time and a sad time all in one. NOA artists and even my sister are having babies everywhere as new life is springing up all around me. But at the same time we are lsoing people- people that are so dear to us and it hurts quite deeply. Debbie Boodram- a dear friend of mine and a leader for us at CBC through her support passed away at the young age of 39. The Vi Isaacs (artist in the show) lost her husband to leukemia. Its the circel of life I guess but it is still hard to swallow sometimes as I find myself in my weak moments sitting in tears missing my friends.
I am at least home in Edmonton for a few days before I head off again to Calgary and Ontario. The show must go on and it will. Only 4 weeks until the first shows so there is some very exciting things ahead. Including the Mural Mosaic which we are creating for the AB Saskatchewan Centennial. Lots to look forward to!

More later.....

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