Monday, November 01, 2010

See the mural come to life here- The Beginning of the Journey to Bethlehem.

Everyone when they go through the birth of a child has their own journey to Bethlehem. After you get accustomed to the idea of the thought of a child coming into your life the journey to the birth day begins. The beginning of the journey would probably be best compared to the first tri-mester. Just like Mary and Joseph as they packed and began their long journey, couples begin the long journey together by changing their lifestyle, planning differently financially and thinking more about the best environment for the future child to be raised in.
As the journey began for Joseph and Mary, Joseph could only do his best to take care of Mary by providing food, protection and safe travels for them. He also would do everything possible for Mary to provide her comfort as best he could. Unfortunately there is only so much he could do as the trip for Mary would be one without much comfort other then the love of her husband and the expectation of the beautiful child.

Like a pregnancy- Joseph and Mary's first leg of the trip to Bethlehem probably was filled with nervous excitement. They would have hopes for great things and were unsure of what lay ahead for them. The first three months when my wife and i began our journey we both felt that nervous excitement. Her body slowly began to change as the child began to grow and I began planning in my mind the best ways to be supportive to Amy and the best strategy to prepare for the journey's destination. It all seems kind of surreal. But the journey had begun...and the road ahead would provide many adventures...

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