Thursday, November 04, 2010

The End Of The Journey.
Mary and Joseph arrive finally to their destination.
When you reach the end of the journey - the journey through a pregnancy- there are so many emotions that come into play. Mary and Joseph must have been exhausted but in some ways must have been relieved that their journey was coming to an end- or in other ways to a beginning.
I am sure Joseph was most relieved that Mary had made it through the travelling portion of the journey safely and now she can begin preparing for the journey of the birth.
When my wife and I reached the last few days of our "journey" I know there were so many emotions that we had to deal with. I found myself needing to keep busy to keep my mind from going crazy. I had so much excitement and so many fears. I could not control my anticipation of the new born child coming into the world. We had no idea whether it would be a boy or a girl so there was so much to look forward to that way. But then you also always have the fears of something possibly going wrong. That is where faith comes into play.
I would often look at Amy and the life growing inside her and simply be in awe of her. What an incredibly beautiful thing to behold. Then I would look at her again and see in her eyes the discomfort she felt in the last few days and the fears as well. This was her first child - just like Mary - and the last few steps in the journey would be the toughest. When she looked back at me I know she wished that she could be free of this burden and just be able to enjoy our child. But there was more yet to go.
I wished i could take over and alleviate the discomfort that she was going through and ease her fears but of course that was impossible. So I had too find a way to make a difference. This is where love can make a difference. I could not take away the pains and discomfort but i could make sure that the road she is going down - she will not be travelling alone. There will be someone who loves her and adores her right beside her the whole way. Reassuring her that it will all be ok and that no matter what happens she is not alone. She will have a hand to hold, arms that will embrace her, and a place to rest all her thoughts and fears.
Joseph was all of that to Mary...and then some. It is that extra that is needed in times like this. Husbands love your there for them. Thats what they need and its what you need too. It feels good.

God bless the families who are there to support each other in times when that little extra is needed.
Pray for those who travel the journey alone. We should always be aware of those around us who need that reassuring hand. Reach out...

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