Monday, November 15, 2010

The Child is Born!! Alleluia Alleluia!!
Once Jesus was born the world celebrated and the Angels spread the news. Shepherds, Kings and all God's creatures rejoiced.
Mary and Joseph I am sure were so thrilled with the birth of Jesus. It must have been even more overhwhelming the love and adoration that poured into their lives.
When our little baby girl Adelaine was born I know that without the love and support of all our Kings and Shepherds we would have had a hard time to coping. Amy's mom was there the whole time for us helping through the process and after, my sister and her husband and three children helped me through a tough time when our little girl was first born. Then when my Mom and Dad, my brother and his family and all the rest of our friends and family began to hear the news and rally around. It was incredible how powerful an experience that was.
Words of congrats, and well wishes and most of all words of support came from all directions. Bringing a new life into the world brings so many people around you. It is unbelievable how a new life brings new life to so many others.
We will always be forever thankful to all our friends and family for what they did for us through their words and their actions.
I know not everyone has the love and support we have. I pray for those who do not have the support that we had to have strength and to be able to turn to God for guidance and be open to the warmth of those who may not know them too well but who would be willing to help. Angels are around us at all times. Sometimes we are just looking in the wrong places.

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