Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The arrival of the Three Kings and the beautiful Christmas
To have the Kings arrive with their gifts must have been incredibly overwhelming. To have men of such high status rush to be at the birth of Jesus could only indicate how important this birth was. But it was even more amazing that shepherds as well visited the babe. The leaders of the world turned to the child for guidance just as much as the shepherds. This truly was a special moment.
When our little girl was born I was overwhelmed. The love and affection came from everywhere. Our parents, siblings, aunts, uncles....friends....and even complete strangers. Phone calls, emails, visits, people stopping us on the street to see our beautiful baby girl...It was amazing.
When a new life is brought into the world it seems that all around rejoice with every breath of the new born. It truly brings the community together.
I believe we need to remember these moments forever. Not just to treasure them for that special moment but so that we continue to gather around others when they need support and love. Its easy because babies are cute and lovable and so helpless looking. But truth is there are so many times in our lives when we all need that love and support even when there are no cute babies around.
I know it will be my goal now to remember this. When we are in times of trouble we are all much like newborns. We are very weak and helpless and we need love, nurturing and guidance to grow. If we see someone in pain or in need we should view them as newborns. Sometimes they need us to gather the community together and bring love and support to help them get back on their feet again. Look into their eyes and look at them as a child who needs love.
The world has hurt and has many who feel weak and helpless. When you feel strong reach out...even when you feel weak you may gain strength by reaching out to someone who may be even weaker.
Jesus loves the little children....all the little children of the world. They are precious in his sight. We are always children in the eyes of God so lets always look out for each other and treasure all the children around us of all ages.
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delia said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the story here, intermingled with your own experience...very touching!
Lewis' paintings are great, he is so talented bringing together the image designs for the final Mural always amazes me.