Wednesday, July 07, 2004

I am sitting in Vancouver 4 days before the show and the sun is shining as a great day comes along. The last NOA show of 2005 and it looks like it will be a GRANDE FINALE!!

Everything is falling into place nicely. I am having mixed emotions as of late though because as great as NOA has been this year we have had many sad moments and another one is currently being faced. We expereinced Holly Crictons son being seriously injured in a head on car collision. Then Bernadette McCromacks father passed away. Then Patrick Doyle's Mother passed away and now we are facing the serious situation of Debbie Boodram- a dear friend of mine and also the first person at CBC to notice Night of Artists and really get us connected across the country- who has just been diagnosed with cancer at the very young age of 38. She has been so instrumental in the growth of NOA in the past 2 years and has also been a wonderful performer in our show.

I love NOA and what it does for the arts and who we have had join us along the way. Debbie is one of those incredibly special people that have been such a builder of our show. Keep her in your prayers. She and her family need our support as Debbie fights against the cancer that has challenged her.

This week will be an amazing week for NOA but my thoughts will be with Debbie and her family.

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