Monday, July 26, 2004

Tonight I am finishing packing for my first drive out east since I was 13. I have flown the route many times but tomorrow I will get to SEE Canada!! NOA is going to be a national show in 2005. It is going to be my biggest challenge yet but 2004 proved that there is definitely a way when there is a will. I knew that NOA would not benefit anyone in the group if I simply remained idle in one location. We needed to get across the country so the people that are involved truly get some advantages. I am going away for a month and I plan on relaxing and at the same time expanding my horizons. It should be a memorable trip no matter what. I leave behind my prayers for Debbie and her family who i pray continue to be strong and I know if there is someone who can beat cancer it will be Debbie.

So- off I go with a little bag of dreams and the hopes of opening more doors. I am even going to Flin Flon Manitoba. NOA loves the north no matter what province we are in!

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