Sunday, May 30, 2004

Just flew back from Ottawa/Toronto late last night after an incredibly productive trip. The Royal Bank was wonderful to chat with and they seem genuinely interested in what we are doing. i also met an incredible photographer and also a supporter of the arts- Michele Valberg.
I had a great time hanging with Sue Foley and her Manager Ann Forbes who also was very supportive of NOA. NOA is definitely making its national stage appearance in 2005 in Ottawa!!
A little disappointment on the trip was the scheduled meeting I had with the NAC was a bust. I went to my scheduled appointment only to find out that the person i was supposed to meet had obviously forgotten about the meeting as they were not even in the province. Not a big deal if I was from Ottawa. I could always re-schedule the next few days. However i can't fly out there every week unfortunately so i guess i miss out on this one for now.
I have one day to get some fresh clothes into my suitcase and then I am off to Victoria for a week for the NOA show out there. The Corporate Painting Party is on Monday and should be fantastic!!

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