Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I am beginning Tuesday on a positive note. Monday was a good day. I spent the morning working on media kits for James Cohen- Flamenco guitarist extraordinaire! Then continued my work on sponsor kits and promotional material for NOA 2007. Lots and lots of writing!!
Then in the afternoon I drove out to Lavoie studios for a Mural Mosaic meeting. Good to see the boys- Paul especially as I had not seen him since he left 2 months ago for Thailand.
Good meeting and we have some great ideas for marketing the mural auction.
Returned home then went to meeting with Flavia Robles to discuss possibility of creating my own venue for events in downtown Edmonton. Could be very cool... Just waiting to see what the partnership agreement would be and what my life options will be as well.
Today the picture I am adding is the second in the four I created for the Guitar Women series. I will add a new one daily. This one is based on Ellen McIlwaine.

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