Thursday, December 09, 2004

Tomorrow is NOA at Investors group so today is the beginning stages of planning the set up and making it work out as good a spossible. Should be interesting to see what results come from this.
Yesterday the Edmonton Journal officially came on board and we are currently confirming the Ottawa Citizen and hopefully the Calgary Herald and Times Colonist as well.
The magazine is coming together nicely. Cathy Stevenson and Beth Dunlop seem to have it all under control.
I will be running around Edmonton like mad for the next few days getting stuff ready for a long road trip as I head to Ottawa for almost six weeks as I prepare the NOA expansion shows out east.
I will be going to Dubai in the United Arab Emirate in February as a guest of Sue Foley to witness an amazing concert and see about NOA in the middle east... that would be something eh? I hear those Arab fellas have a few dollars. Maybe I can make a career painting Oil derricks. I'll see what I can line up while i am there. Any suggestions??

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