Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Been a while since I posted something... darn computer has a weird virus so its hard to get into this some times. Anyways...Busy as heck as always as we try to expand NOA into Ontario and at the same time keep the show solid in western Canada. Have been very busy also trying to create the Centnennial mural for 2005 that will really make some big waves!

Its all very exciting what lies ahead in 2005.

I am going to try to get back into more of a rouitne with this. So here was my day today...
Spent the morning putting together multiple proposals for sponsors out in vancouver as i try to boost the show on the coast. Had a meeting with Deb Thrall to go over show management for the Edmonton region for 2005. Began hiring bands for 2005... always fun... yikes! Drove my mom to the airport as she left back for the coast where she and my dad are spending 6 months with my sister as she has our families first child (grand child/niece nephew)
Cheryl Bozarth from NOA had her baby a couple of weeks ago now. She is leadin the baby brigade as Summer Bozohora and Michelle Vekved will soon be following... Kinda nice to see the good stuff after a challenging 2004.
Spent the afternoon dealing with new and old sponsors. Have to re-apply to CBC for the west coast. Seems a little odd and will take up valuable time but I will do what is necessary.
Spent the day making contacts in Ontario as we continue to work on show plans out east.
I have a big meeting next week at the Westin as we try to get some more concrete things in place.
Rset of the week is crazy as I line up as much as i can before i head east on Sunday.

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