Thursday, June 10, 2004

I am finally home ...sheeeessh!! Its been a long three weeks betweeen Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria. Driving to Vanocuver twice and back took a lot out of me.
The Victoria show was fabulous!! The art was amazing and we more then doubled our last years crowd. Sales as well!

All in all 2004 is a year where we have to be proud of what we have done. i am amazed at what hard work can do if you stick with it long enough.

I must admit I am a bit burnt out but now that i am at home I feel I can recharge for a week or two. One more show left and then looking ahead to 2005. Its hard to believe the miles I have covered since the first show in Slave Lake. Its been a great ride and I love the direction we are going.

Now that I am home I am looking forward to The Works festival and making new projects for the fall. But first... some sleep and a couple of rounds of golf. I think I deserve a break :-).

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