Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Well- another production at the CBC studios in Edmonton that went over really well. performers were wonderful and it was exciting to see all the new art that is being created for the NOA show in Edmonton this year.
I can not believe the amount of work on our plate right now. We have Global Big Breakfast on Tuesday, Corporate painitng Party on Tuesday night, CFRN at lunch on Thursday, Set up Thursday night, Gala Dinner Fridat night, poetry workshop Saturday, Cocktail Gala Saturday and then the Folk Afternoon on Sunday. Not to mention getting all the artwork going for the mural.... yikes!!! The mighty mural project is Huge and will be something to behold when it comes together.

Exciting to see that Maria Miranda and Karel Doruyter are making the trek from Victoria. NOA is really making some good progress this year.
My head is spinning from all the activity that is happening around me. Calls everyday with new opportunities for the group. I can't keep up. So I am going to get some sleep so I am rested as I have to head to Calgary to get that show rolling and make sure we are all set on that front as well.

After being out in Ottawa and Quebec and realizing the love for the arts those cities posses- I have decided to go back to school and learn my french. Phil Alain will become Philippe Alain so when we go to the East with NOA I can speak with the people who love what we are doing out there as well!

Busy busy busy....

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