Thursday, March 15, 2012

Today was an interesting day. I had a chance to think a bit about my own art career for an hour in a meeting with Kim Fjordbotten from the Whyte Ave Artwalk and Chris Riley and Denise Lefebvre. It was good to sit and talk about one of Edmonton's finest festivals.
But that hour was fleeting as other exciting things were about today as the St. Albert Mural Mosaic is coming to its finale and it is looking great! I spent the day administrating the last few panels in the mural out to artists and gathering in some missing panels. Here is what its looking like so far...can you guess what it is going to be? Look closer here: and actually go through the panels one at a time and appreciate the artists remarkable efforts.
Here are a few fantastic pieces in the mural
Another cool thing is that today I did an interview with the Salt Lake City Tribune regarding the US Mural that we unveiled that Lewis painted. The momentum is rolling on that one as schools from all over the U.S. are buzzing about the education value of the mural as well. Things continue to move along...CULTIVATE LIFE


Helen Alain said...

We are really looking forward to the completion of the St. Albert Mural (haven't got a clue what it is..)

delia said...

I love these paintings...looks like it will be a great Mural!

smarty said...

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