Thursday, January 03, 2008

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Off we go to the year of 2008. My goal this year is to create some new amazing projects with as many artists , musicians, poets and performers as I can in 08 and hopefully not only raise awareness for the arts but maybe make a difference in the world. Working with Lewis Lavoie and Paul Lavoie doing the mural mosaics is a guaranteed way to bring people together. NOA also achieves that. So off I go to help bring it all together.

Yesterday I spent the day working with Lewis Lavoie on future Mural Mosaic projects and dealing with the tens of thousands of hits we are getting daily on our mural mosaic website. The town of Cochrane Mural continues to get international attention. I also have gone full bore on the project "8". I had no idea it would start together so much interest. The world needs peace I believe and the only way to achieve it is if we all get together and make a stand. I'll do my part...what will you do??

Had great interview with Chris Allen and CKUA about "8". The musicians are great and to have the first 8 show on my birthday...January 8th....what better way to start the year off.

I am off to an exciting day with many new adventures around Edmonton. More soon....

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